I'm in Thailand! Here's Why I'm Traveling With One Love Travel Club!

If someone would have told me that my 2016 would be lit I wouldn't have believed them. At the start of 2016, I was in LA on the struggle bus. I was broke, I had an unsavory living condition, I was working at the whitest startup making no money. I was depressed. LA was no good to me. I ended up talking to Necole Kane of xoNecole.com and I told her my frustrations and how I was about to pack up everything and go back to Baltimore. Necole stated that sometimes you have to take a step back to step forward and that you can reset your life as many times as you want to. 

And what a reset it has been. The level up has been so real! God will level you all the way up if you let Him. So as I type this post in Thailand just know that if God can do it for me than He can do for it you.

I'm traveling with a travel club. I picked One Love Travel Club because I love One Love's values. Wherever the club goes within each country, the travelers must volunteer. While One Love schedules the activities and events for all the travels, all are optional,  except the volunteering day. And I love to give back. And yes, I do volunteer in the states as well (for all those who side eye volunteering aboard). 

Honestly, Thailand was never on my radar to travel to but One Love's Classic Thailand itinerary was way too popping. I loved the fact that it's summer in Thailand, I loved the multiple days at the beach, the Thai cooking class course and the scooter tour. One Love plans awesome trips. 

And they provide payment plans for those who can't drop all the coins for their trip at once (me!). I am not ashamed of layaway! I even put my airplane ticket to Thailand on layaway, I used STA Travels. I flew out of NYC because it was cheaper than flying out of Baltimore's BWI and I put down a deposit and I had up until seven days before my trip to pay off my flight ticket.

Ballin on a budget.

Check out One Love Travel Club here and be sure to follow my Phuket and Bangkok adventures on Snapchat (FlyCarla410).  

And for those who have been following my dating adventures via my podcast, why come, I met a single, professional, no kids, Black man from Baltimore in the Shanghai airport? I walk into Starbucks and see this guy wearing a Ravens hat and I asked him if he was from Bmore. We both had long layovers and we ended up chatting until the morning and until we had to board our flights. He was leaving Thailand to head back to Baltimore and I on my way to Thailand. God has the funniest humor. 

Be sure to check out my new podcast where I spill more tea on our chance meeting and how Big Sean's "What A Year" is my fourth quarter theme song.