The Fly Girl Guide to London & Paris


I’m fresh off the plane from my super lit trip to London and Paris! I was a media partner for Africa Fashion Week London where I saw some great emerging designers coming from the African diaspora. Peep my recap of Africa Fashion Week London here.

I came back home refocused and inspired. It was a fabulous trip. I shared the tea behind my trip on my latest podcast and here, I wanted to give you  another look at how I leveled up. 

I've realized I need to get my money up because although my plane ticket was cheap, I am not about this long layover time or long flight time. I flew from Dulles International Airport to Istanbul, Turkey which was a ten-hour flight. I then flew from Istanbul to London which was another four hours. Dis Tew Much.


Flight Essentials.

A sleep mask is essential. I can no longer sleep without one. Here’s my fave.

Lather’s Clear Head Balancing Balm is a game changer. It’s seriously my new favorite beauty ting. It’s an aromatherapy balm made with lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. Throughout my flight and even after my travels, I dab a little to my temple and my back of neck or anywhere I feel tension. I then breathe deeply to promote a sense of balance and well being. Game changer.

The Girl on the Train - If you’re a fan of Gone Girl, then you need to add The Girl on the Train. I was definitely engrossed in this story. You cannot trust a drunk. That’s all I’mma say.


So I’m on the plane forever (shoutout to Turkish Airlines for having decent food) and I wasn’t trying to be all dolled up but bare faced to me means no foundation but lipstick. I love NXY’s Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick. It goes go creamy and then dries to a matte without being drying and it lasts! Oh, Put It On is my shade. Hello fall signature lippie. #thankmenow


What I Was Listening to. 

Luckily, Fabolous’ Summertime Shootout 2 dropped which provided my tunes for most of the trip.

I also had Jeremih’s Late Night:Europe on rotation.


Where I Shopped.

Oxford Street was my jam. If you’re in London, hit up Oxford to shop River Island, New Look and Miss Selfridge IRL. And the biggest Lush is on Oxford. I could have spent way more time on this strip.

I keep talking about this dope coat I found at a flea market in Paris.  A few blocks from the Notre-Dame de Paris, on Sundays, there is a flea market that happens. Laced with french books, vintage teapots, used shoes and clothing. And because, I know how to shop, I spotted this long dark green, Austrian wool coat for 7 euro. It is everything.  

Where I ate.  

I live for charcuterie and cheese. Before heading to a tour of the Eiffel Tower, I grabbed a quick bite at Le Garde Robe. It's a classic Paris wine bar with a great selection of charcuterie. 

 I had dinner at Le George V Alama.   I ordered more charcuterie! SMH.  Along with a veggie trio (salad, roasted veggies and gazpacho) and a bomb creme brulee.

Fly Girl Travel Tips.

  • Purchase a SIM card before your travels. Don't try to keep your phone in airplane mode or solely rely on Wi-Fi. Find a European carrier on Amazon and make sure your phone is unlocked before you travel.  Having access to emails, family and friends is much easier and cost-efficient when you use a local phone plan.  #thankmenow
  • Buy an European socket adapter before your travels. I'm trying to set you for success! Your plane and or the airport may not have an American socket.  
  • Inform your bank about your travels and talk to them about the fees that are associated with international spending. 


The London Eye


Notre-Dame de Paris


Notre-Dame de Paris


Notre-Dame de Paris


Notre-Dame de Paris


Notre-Dame de Paris


Tip-toeing in the Notre-Dame de Paris 


Notre-Dame de Paris


The Louvre


View from the Eiffel Tower 


Eiffel Tower


Eiffel Tower


Eiffel Tower


In front of the Louvre