Dope Tunes: I Have a Soft Spot for Meek Mill, Here's Why

I really hate how the internet does Meek Mill. I totally get that Drake is the people's champ and honestly, I listen to Drake a lot more than Meek but as a rapper, I dig Meek Mill. Once your ghostwriter is exposed, you lose all credibility as a lyricist. I mean is the six a real place? Who are Drake's real woes? And who is Quinten Miller writing for now? And he should stick to writing cause he's definitely a better writer than rapper.

I don't care what young people say, being a rapper who writes his own raps still means something.

Meek is gearing up to release his new album, Wins & Losses and he is putting out some joints.  Within the last two weeks, the Philly MC dropped his three-track Meekend Music project on his 30th birthday, plus two music videos for "Litty" and "Left Hollywood."  He then released "Glow Up" which is my jam. Meek's flow is infectious on the track. "Glow Up" is for running on the treadmill and turning up.

Fave lyric: "They all cornballs, they can't stand me. "

As if "Glow Up" wasn't my jam, on the 1st, Meek released "Whatever You Need" featuring Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign. It's a hood take on Tony! Toni! Tone!'s "Whatever You Want" and since I'm part bird, I love a hood love song. Again, Meek's flow is infectious and it's a chill jam for summer night cruising with bae.

Fave lyric:

"Her last nigga, he was bluffin', she said, "F*ck him"

He let that go, I'm like, "He buggin'," now she thuggin' with a real one.

I've been ballin' on you 'cause you smart and loyal

All my homies know me best, they say I'm fallin' for you."



Internet, can we please chill with the all the Meek slander? He puts out some dope jawns. The Drake & Meek Mill beef was so two years ago. It's time to more on and glow up.