The Fly Girl Cooking & Entertaining Holiday Gift Guide

I love love cooking and entertaining. I can pick out the best wine for dinner, I know how to assemble a charcuterie board and I know how to pronounce charcuterie. I can create a very impressive yet no- fuss meal with the quickness.

I am that, honey. I love cooking and entertaining so much that I just launched an IG page dedicated to cooking called Fly Girls Cook! Now, there’s nothing there but there will be. LOL! But follow it now to be in the know.

For my fellow fly girls who also throw down in the kitchen, here’s my curated list of my faves for cooking, snacking and entertaining.


Because you cannot eat all of Patti’s Sweet Potato Pies, you gotta swap out the sweets for something with nutritional value. MadeGood is the answer to your sweet or salty cravings that won’t extend your waistline. This brand produces delicious, healthy granola bars, granola minis, crispy squares, crispy light granola, and soft baked cookies in a dedicated facility free from the 8 common allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, fish, and shellfish. For this reason, MadeGood snacks are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO project verified and contain the nutrients of one full serving of vegetables in each serving.

Check out MadeGood products on Amazon.

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Ladies- while you’re loading up on all the Christmas goodies, make sure you stay regular. I know, TMI, but I take wellness seriously. Wonder Drink Prebiotic Kombucha, the first and only kombucha with a Certified Organic, plant-based, prebiotic fiber called XOS Fiber known to selectively nourish certain naturally occurring probiotic bacteria in your gut. Healthy gut health is a real thing, so say hello to your gut’s new best friend. Each 12 oz can contains only 10g of sugar. It’s fabulousness in a can!  It is great to drink as is, or it can be used to make great cocktails and comes in three fruit-forward flavors: Apple Mint, Ginger Peach and Tropical Mango. Wonder Drink Prebiotic Kombucha is Certified Organic, Non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free.

Find Wonder Drink Prebiotic Kombucha here.


Between watching my little nephews, hitting the gym and blogging, I am pooped and the holidays are just getting started. I need caffeine STAT! Secret Squirrel Cold Brew wakes me up!  The yummy cold brew coffee is made with handpicked organic beans that are roasted to perfection, cold brewed for 18-24 hours, double filtered and then bottled quickly. The end result is a delicious non-GMO cold brew coffee that contains twice as much caffeine as traditional cold brew coffee. After a bottle, I am UP!

Found at your local Target or online here.


How could I not love a small, women-owned condiment company that makes organic ketchups, BBQ sauces and vegan taco sauce? I mean, I’m already saucy but when I cook with Red Duck sauces, I have too much sauce. It’s a flavorful line of sauces that are all organic and made with clean ingredients, it’s like love in a bottle. Red Duck’s “So Unique” Sauce Set is my jam. It includes a curry ketchup, a sweet mustard peppercorn BBQ and a Korean Taco Sauce. I can’t wait to share my short ribs recipe where I used Red Duck’s sweet mustard peppercorn BBQ sauce. It was good.

Learn more about this boss babe company and grab one of their holiday sauce sets here.


I live for a bath bomb but have you heard of Mixologi, the Original Drink Bomb? Literally, think bath bomb for cocktails. Pick your favorite flavor cocktail bomb, drop into a glass of your spirit of choice and watch the magic.  No need for multiple mixers to create a cocktail when they all come in one fun way to make a drink. It’s perfect for an upcoming holiday party, as a gift for the host of a party you are attending, stocking stuffers, or a girls night out. It’s a super fun and new way to drink a cocktail. Turn up!

Watch the magic- how cute right?

Mixologi, the Original Drink Bomb are available online. Thank me now, your NYE party is about to me lit.


Tenuta di Capezzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fancy olive oil might feel too splurgy for some to buy on their own, which makes it a great gift. Capezzana's 2015 harvest first pressing fits the bill perfectly., $93.87


Skura Style Sponge Subscription

Maybe I won’t dislike doing the dishes so much. This subscription sends four new sponges a month whose pattern fades when they're ready to be tossed—ideal for kitchen clean-up duty. , $36.00


Stelton Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is unique, stylish, and a cinch to use., $33.40


Spicewalla Chilli Collection

You can't get far without a decent spice rack. And these tins from Spicewalla's Chilli collection, with ancho, chipotle, and smoked paprika, look very nice on the kitchen counter.,  $17.00