The Fly Girl Fitness Holiday Gift Guide


The road to snatchville ain’t easy. I work out 4-5 times a week and although I enjoy a great burn, I be over it! Like, why am I still on this treadmill and why isn’t my stomach on flat flat yet? But health is wealth and I have put together my favorite gifts for my fly girls who are all about getting snatched in the new year.


Lazy Girl Pilates: Morning

Kara Tatelbaum is a busy mom of two who wrote a cool book that eliminates the need to wake up early for a workout or skip it all together due to lack of time, thanks to simple and quick fitness hacks.  Whether it’s Wall Push Ups in the shower while conditioner sets in, or the Adios Wall hang against the door on the way out, the Lazy Girl Pilates has something for everyone.

By developing quick and easy exercises that can be integrated into any daily routine, Kara has created a way to fit Pilates into her readers’ lives, rather than the other way around.  You don’t have to break the bank by committing to a package at a Pilates studio and then feel bad when you don’t make it to the class.

The Lazy Girl Pilates: Morning will work that core while you get ready for work.

Available on Amazon here, at $6.99.

Gift card to the one and only Chillspace NYC  for some cryotherapy, a sweat in the infrared sauna, or just to float all your worries away.


Prana Mat – The Prana Mat’s purpose is rooted in the principles of acupressure, an ancient technique for restoring the body’s vitality naturally.   This mat triggers endorphin release to combat aches or pains, and stimulates circulation which increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood to overworked muscles.


These leather look leggings are amazing for lounging or for sporting to your neighborhood SoulCycle.  Also perfect for the post-workout casual (but not so casual) selfie… I’m guilty!


BKR water bottle – It’s stylish, a good size, dishwasher safe and doesn’t make your water taste funny like many aluminum ones do!


A travel foam roller because foam-rolling is a no days-off game.


GetZeel – Treat yourself to a massage on demand after getting your sweat on!  Just download the app.  You can also buy gift cards on their website so you can gift a massage.


Skinvolve Body Boost Gel to do a little extra work in the tightening and smoothing department pre workout.


Nike FE/NOM Flykni – When you have big boobs, it’s hard to find a great sports bra that offers real support. This bra is it! A supportive and stylish sports bra is hard to find but this one ticks off all the boxes.  Its long enough to be worn as a cute crop top with some high waisted leggings, or just as a bra!


Mary’s Nutritionals CBD muscle freeze – Post workout muscle heaven, helps speed up muscle recovery! Also great for relieving aches and pains.