LightSkinKeisha has the best intro on 6LACK’s “Balenciaga Challenge”

I’m here for all of this.

Listen, okay? Let me just say this: if a nigga wanna f*ck with me, he gon’ f*ck with all of me, he ain’t gon’ f*ck with me sometimes, he gon’ f*ck with me at all motherf*cking times, period. I ain’t going for none of that bullsh!t. You know, these niggas be out here tryna play mind games and shit with a b!tch like, I ain’t got time for that! You know what I’m saying? I ain’t got time for that! Niggas ain’t the only one that’s getting money too, like, b!tches is getting money too, nigga. My time is money, nigga! Don’t waste my time, nigga!
— LightSkinKeisha

Listen to 6Black’s “Balenciaga Challenge” below.