Lush x Ulta Haul

Lush and Ulta are my two favorite stores in life. I actually dig Ulta more than Sephora. And Lush is just everythang. I live for a bath. Bubble bars are my jam along with bath melts. I even have a bath caddy that goes across my tub that I place my book and tea on as I soak. And I soak foreva. I also tweet while in tub. I’m like Rev. Run tweeting out inspiration and motivation while engulfed in scented bubbles.

During my latest visit to Lush and Ulta, I scored some serious goodies. Here’s a breakdown of my Lush and Ulta haul and why I chose each item.

Left to Right

NYX COSMETICS Illuminator in Enigmatic- I am obsessed with highlighting but currently, I’m not dropping $40 bucks on Becca’s Topaz Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed. That shade is everything but since I’m thrifty af-I’ve settled on using  NYX Illuminators.  And it’s not really settling.  NYX’s Illuminators are awesome. They are affordable, they are buildable and the colors are vibrant.  I already use NYX’s Illuminator in Ritualistic which gives off a pearlized glow  but for the summer I wanted something with a touch more color so I copped the Illuminator in Enigmatic. It gives off a pink glow and pairs perfectly with a bold lippie.

Lush’s The Modfather Bubbler Bar- I dig Lush’s bubble bars over their bath bombs. This bubble bar is inspired by the British Mod culture. It’s limited edition and has a citrusy scent.  

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herb and Rosewater- Rosewater is my thang. Let me tell you-rosewater will clear up your skin! Its mild astringent properties help tighten the pores and gently tone the skin.  Mario Badescu’s toner is reasonably priced and I love it. Ladies, use a toner! People sleep on toners but it is an essential step in skincare! Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herb and Rosewater is often sold out tho so pick up two.

Ardell Demi 120 Deluxe Pack  + Ardell Studio Effects Wispies- So the other day, I was getting dressed, makeup is all fleeky and I go to put on my lashes and realized I didn’t have any! I totally forgot that I threw away my last pair. Let me tell you, ain’t nothing worse than having a beat face with no lashes. I felt so incomplete. I was running to a meeting so I didn’t have time to hit up the beauty supply store. It was an epic fly girl fail.  To make sure that never happens again, I’m stocking up on lashes. I bought the deluxe pack because it was a steal; two pairs of lashes with glue and tweezers. No brainer. I want to try Ardell’s Studio Effects Wispies so, I copped them too.

Lush’s Floating Island Luxury Bath Oil- I can’t take a Lush bubble bath without adding a bath oil to the tub. Lush’s Floating Island Luxury Bath Oil add tons of moisture to your bath. Made with  organic cocoa butter and shea butter, bath oils takes your bath to the next level.

Lush’s Smuggler's Soul Facial Scrub- My homegirl at Lush insisted that I try this limited edition facial scrub. I tried it and immediately texted her, “Smuggler's Soul tho! Skin is fleeky (with tons of 'Praise Him' emojis.)” Yes, it’s like that. It’s this dope blend of bamboo granules that exfoliates mixed with argan oil, olive oil and shea butter to hydrate annndddd it has papaya juice which brightens your complexion.

 My skin was Kevin Hart fleeky. Have you seen his skin when he snaps his facial appointments? LAWD.

Lush’s Milky Bath Bubble Bar- This is a newer bubble bar and my homegirl at Lush said she loves it. It’s made with cocoa butter, skimmed milk and olive oil for super soft skin.

Lush’s Floating Island Luxury Bath Oil- Because one is not enough!

NYX COSMETICS Intense Butter Gloss in Cherry Custard- I love a matte lipstick but in the summer, I am all for a gloss in a bold color. NYX’s  Intense Butter Gloss gives me that sexy juicy lip shine along with super pigmented color. Cherry Custard is a fun mix of pink and red. LUV.


What are your current beauty faves?