Howard University Graduate Khala Jones Shows at LA Fashion Week

I headed to LA last weekend for LAFW. Armed with a dope photographer,  Rogelio Montes,  I found via Craigslist (don’t sleep on Craigslist, I’ve scored two photographers, my personal trainer, and a seamstress via Craigslist. Keep God first and He’ll keep the crazies of Craigslist away from you), clothes that Dash lent to me (I’ll never talk bad about the Kardashians again. Kim getting robbed in Paris was an American Terrorist Attack!), I sought to cover the fashion scene in LA.

Which was very underwhelming; I’ll write about that later. A bright point was seeing designer Khala Jones of Grayscale showing on Saturday night. I stan for Black women busting super dope moves and she’s a Howard University graduate. Double cool.

Launched in 2016, Khala Jones of Grayscale quickly caught the eye of many celebrities and stylists alike, including Keke Palmer, India Love (is she a celeb?), and Keyshia Cole. Grayscale is focused on self-love, encouraging everyone to not only love the skin they are in but to look good while doing so.

And by loving one’s skin, Grayscale’s Fall/Winter 2017 line is clearly for the LA girl who loves skintight clothing. The LA aesthetic is interesting. In the land of Hollywood, style is almost an afterthought as yoga pants are king. New York fashionistas are much more intriguing and thoughtful, as they go to events at the Whitney Museum of American Art or to shows on Broadway.

Style in LA is more laidback and honestly, a little lazy. Grayscale’s Fall/Winter 2017 line spoke to the girls who party at Greystone or may want to dress up but not do too much. It’s sexy with touch of athleisure.  It’s a new line so it definitely has room to grow. I would love to see Khala Jones take it up a notch with quality fabrics, more innovative designs and less Rainbow-ish dresses.

Style is about growth and being a designer is all about finding your niche and rocking the hell out of it. With LAFW under her belt, I can see Khala Jones of Grayscale designing specifically for young Hollywood starlets. Here’s to growth and Black Girl Magic!